Dashboard User Guide: Get useful information about Metrix features.
Trust Data
Enjoy insightful data in Metrix and utilize it to optimize your marketing budget, develop a great marketing strategy and amplify your business growth.
Measure the performance of your user acquisition channels
Mobile Analytics
Track in-app events to know your user behavior
Fraud Prevention
Make your app and campaigns safe from fraud

Mobile Attribution

Match each user with the source and ad they engage with
Identify, Track and Optimize your Marketing Efforts

Metrix allows you to find the source, campaign, or network that brought you the best users. You can track each user throughout his/her life cycle, analyze how each campaign is doing on each marketing channel, and optimize your advertising efforts at four different levels: ad networks, campaigns, ad groups, and creatives.

Retargeting Attribution
Measure & analyze re-engagement campaigns and optimize your retargeting budget
Increase a user’s app lifecycle and optimize ROI, ROAS and LTV
Deep Linking Tracking
Realize the user journey to specific locations in your app

Mobile Analytics

Receive the reports of in-app events to know your user behavior.
Analyze the data trends based on reports from your users

Get the reports you need to automate optimization throughout the user life cycle. Define and track in-app events tailored to your app. Optimize every aspect from creatives to user interface. Get the tools to know your users and leverage data trends to your advantage.

In-App Events
Have a detailed overview of the post-install activities inside your app
Retention Rate
Get insight into the longevity of your app and know the most engaged users
App Usage
Count the period of time wherein a user interacts and is engaged with your app

Fraud Prevention

Fraudulent traffic costs you more than you imagine
Make your app safe from fraud

Fraud corrupts your data, wastes time and your marketing budget, and clouds your analysis. Don’t pay for fraudulent installs and take a closer look at Metrix mobile fraud prevention methods:

Too many engagements
Metrix rejects pre-install click waves to prevent stealing attributions
Distribution Outlier
Metrix rejects fake traffic by analyzing clicks and installs distribution
Click Injection
Metrix detects and filters out fake clicks to poach install attribution
Anonymous IP
Metrix detects click and device farms and block and rejects installs related to these IPs
SDK Spoofing
Metrix rejects fraudsters who try to send fake clicks and installs by SDK signature

We support every platform you may choose

Metrix is dedicated to provide a seamless experience across different platforms. The Metrix SDK gives you the power to attribute conversions and analyze sources regardless of your’s apps platforms and all without worrying about fraud.

Inspiring mobile business stories

Knowing Advertisement Effectiveness and Users Behavior Analysis is not only useful but also urgent, and Metrix is a great platform that lets us make better decisions.

We are familiar with foreign Mobile Measurement Platforms in Maxim, although we decide Metrix reliable platform after financial and quality checking. We hope that with all their Iranian potential, Metrix reach regional, even world reputation soon.

Metrix lets us know our users behavior better and easier. Now, we could have our journey to choose and Marketing Funnel more accurate and analyze our KPIs in real-time and without any obstacles. So we accelerate our growth with Metrix's significant help.

Many app owners choose Metrix to track and grow their market share

We cherish the trust our customers have in Metrix
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